• To worship and glorify God, and proclaim to all people, the salvation message of Jesus Christ found in God's Holy Word, the Bible!
  • To encourage one another to live a Holy and moral life, and testify to the life changing
power of God, through the work of the Holy Spirit.

  • To love one another and to offer comfort and hope to the hurting and needy.

     Maybe you consider yourself to be a Christian but haven't been part of a church family for some time. Maybe you feel that church is boring, or full of hypocrites. Although there may be some truth to that, we strive to be a church that is genuine and free of hypocrisy. We want to live the way JESUS taught us to live. We invite you to come and experience a church that embraces truth and love, making JESUS the foundation!


     Maybe you're not sure what to believe. We want to tell you about the God that loves you, and sent His Son to die for your sins. We've all sinned, and need a savior. JESUS is the Savior! We invite you to come and hear the message of salvation through JESUS CHRIST.

     By the calling, and Grace of God, Faith in Christ Fellowship was planted in October of 2005 with one pastor, two elders, and approximately 40 faithful members. Our search for a place to worship ended when God blessed us with the use of the “Imagine Charter School” facility. Our congregation has grown to about 125, and more importantly, have grown tremendously in our walk with the Lord.


     We are a Non-Denominational group of Bible believers. We do not hold to any man made or traditional creeds, but are simply members of the Church which Jesus established, and for which He died. We are a church that believes that the Bible is the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the TRUTH.